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Battle System

The Final Fantasy 13 battle system looks set to both depart from, and expand on the generic Final Fantasy battle systems. The FFXIII battle system differs from most of the series in that it will allow free mobilty of the character within actual battles. This may be good news to those who like the idea of adding more action elements to Final Fantasy games, but could, perhaps, be of slight concern to those who enjoy turn-based, strategic battles.

It appears that the FF13 battle system will provide more of a variety of different attack modes, allowing characters potentially greater variation in battle. It is understood that characters will be able to change from hand-to-hand combat, to advanced weapons within a battle. This will be useful so that characters will be able to focus more specifically on the weaknesses of a given enemy, rather than having to ‘make-do’ with less effective material. This way of fighting is arguably reminiscent of the dresspheres of Final Fantasy X-2.

When actually encountering enemies in FF 13, you can expect a similar system to that of Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XII, whereby you encounter enemies when near to them, rather than having random battles as was the case in the early FF titles.

An advancement to the battle system is a ‘combo’ based system, apparently named the “Area of Effect”. This means that when enemies are sufficiently close to each other, there will be an option to use combo attacks which will help to quickly gain experience.

So, until we get more information on the Final Fantasy XIII battle system, all we can really say is that it’s probably going to be an advancement of the FF XII system, while also containing elements of previous games. Should be great!

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