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Final Fantasy XIII

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Final Fantasy XIII Information

Final Fantasy XIII, also known as Final Fantasy 13 (or in it’s abbreviated form, FF13 and FFXIII respectively), is a video game which is part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series of FF13 games. The game will be released on the PlayStation 3, and thus far it would appear that would be the only console it will appear on. The game stars ‘Lightning’, a female character who uses a weapon which appears to be a gunblade of sorts. There is another, male, character whose identity is yet to be revealed.

Final Fantasy 13 is said to use a battle system similar to that of Final Fantasy XII, whereby fights will take place in real-time, as opposed to the turn-based battles utilised in most of the rest of the Final Fantasy series.


The story of Final Fantasy XIII begins in the air city known as Cocoon, which is soon disrupted by something from the lower world, Pulse. This has caused the government of Cocoon to take severe steps to eradicate perceived threats to the peace within Cocoon. These steps include banishing anybody who appears to have connections with Pulse from Cocoon, for fear that they might bring Cocoon tumbling down from the air.

Official Synopsis

The New Tale of the Crystal
Like the light that shines through the Crystal,
the universe shines with multi-colored content.

Release Date

The release date of Final Fantasy 13 is unknown at this point. If estimations are accurate, the Japanese release of FF13 will take place in either late 2007, or early 2008, with the former more likely. The North American release of the game will probably follow a few months later, with a European release a few months later again.


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