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As a Final Fantasy XIII resource, we respect that not every site owner will wish to affiliate with us. Of course, we do not believe many owners of kitchen appliance related websites will wish to take us on. Neither, however, do we!

We’d love to affiliate with gaming websites, ranging from Super Mario Bros, to Pokémon. From Final Fantasy II, to Final Fantasy XIII. If you own one of these, contiue reading!

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy XIII cannot affiliate with every page that applies; many of the Websites applying will not meet our terms and while we would like to, we cannot exchange links with such sites as that would devalue our site in the eyes of various search engines. We’re not being mean, it’s just the case that unequal link exchanges can inhibit search results from being fairly distributed.

The terms to which your site must adhere are listed here;

  • No specific traffic requirements for new sites; sites of more than 3 months old should receive atleast 100 unique visits a day.
  • Your site must have a reasonable amount of content, and said content must be original and informative.
  • Your site should be relatively attractive to look at.
  • Your site must be updated on a regular basis — no dead sites, please.

Assuming you meet the above terms, you may be able to affiliate with us. Sometimes we cannot accept sites for other reasons, and a certain amount of our selection process is down to our individual discretion. Applications should be sent to webmaster@finalfantasy13.net and the subject should contain the word Affiliation.

finalfantasy13.net (FF13) reserves the right to remove any affiliate at any time if they are perceived to be deviating from the terms; finalfantasy13.net may change its terms at any given time without prior notice; finalfantasy13.net may not be able to reply to each application sent, though will attempt to. Should you not receive a reply, we are sorry, but we cannot at that time accept the application. Some of the aforementioned content was taken from sister site Kingdom Hearts 3.

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