FF13 / XIII Logo

Hello, and welcome to the very first Final Fantasy XIII / 13 fansite. This is a website which is part of a large network of gaming websites, including Final Fantasy Net.

Final Fantasy XIII will attempt to cover all of the latest news and information, images, screenshots, previews and release date information, as and when we receive it.

This Final Fantasy 13 (FF13) domain name, finalfantasy13.net, was created in July 2005, when we realised it would be extremely likely that Final Fantasy XIII would be announced soon. It is since the recent Square Enix announcement that there would indeed be a FFXIII, that we have been busily working away to get this website up.

As such, not all the available information on FF 13 is up yet, though we hope soon to be able to provide the most comprehensive Final Fantasy 13 info on the Internet!